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Hi! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. My name is Alyssa, and I'm a writer and producer. In addition, my skillset has been built on a solid foundation of digital marketing and social media management roles. 

I'm a rare hybrid in today's workforce: a digital media and content maven, always on the hunt for the perfect way to reach a large audience through story. I'm word-loving, detail-oriented, flexible, and nerdy in all the right ways. I have a BA in Journalism and an MA in Mass Media Communications, so research and feedback don't scare me. In addition, I'm a diplomatic, perpetually-positive person with strong relationship building skills.

So whatcha waiting for? Let's talk! Whether it's a script for a children's TV show, a name for the new toy that will take over the world or a branded content article, I'd love to speak with you about how we can work together.

Have a wonderful day!

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