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Have questions about social media or blogging? I'm flattered! Here are some of the best resources to get you started. If you're seeking more personalized information and strategy, I do offer consulting and workshops for a fee. 


  • As an overview of both Facebook and Twitter, read the PDF I created on While some of the information about Facebook may be outdated in terms of technical "how to", the strategy is still the same. This document covers the basics of Facebook pages and Twitter, from how often you should be posting to what an @ reply is. Check it out here:



  • Baffled by Facebook Pages? (Remember, Facebook Pages are different than profiles: they're what you "Like", not friend.) Don't be afraid to go right to the source: Facebook itself


  • Looking for more about the who, what, where, when, why, and how of social media? Social media strategy has many complex layers, most of it learned by doing. I recommend reading 

    Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World, which is packed with very detailed "how to", photos, and examples from real live brands, businesses, and public figures. For $17 give or take on Amazon, this is worth the read. 


  • Want to know how to start a blog? I use  and love resources like the SITS Girls. is also a great place to learn. How do you make money off your blog? The answer is simple but not one many people want to hear: you have to spend a lot of time growing your content and readership before you'll roll in the benjamins. Be authentic, patient, and put in the work, and the rewards will come to you.  



Have more questions? Let's talk about setting up a "how-to" workshop. Workshops can be as small as one hour to as detailed as a full weekend. Email for more information. 

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