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About Alyssa Lofgren 
Specializing in cute and catchy content since 1985!

I emerged at birth holding a pen. Just kidding, but my love of writing DID begin early.  It was in the 90s, to be exact, when my brother dug all the cookie dough chunks out of the ice cream. I wrote a seething essay professing my anger, which catapulted me into fame. Okay, so maybe that didn't happen, but I DID win a "Young Writer's" award at Enterprise Elementary School in Debary, Florida for a riveting essay about my grandmother’s homemade buttermilk biscuits.

In high school I enjoyed writing angst-ridden poetry, but I never realized I could make a living writing until I got to college and stumbled into journalism. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Magazine Journalism in 2008, just in time for the economy to tank.

I began work as an assistant technical copywriter for a consumer goods company in 2008, and then moved on to packaging copywriting, and then eventually, into  content writing and social/digital media marketing in 2010. I was a Social Media Strategy Manager for a national breast cancer event for several years, traveling the country telling the stories of many inspiring people. I've had the honor of  working for a wide range of clients including Emmy award winning T.V. shows, legendary musicians, and charismatic fashion designers. Most recently, I was a story development manager for a toy company, writing scripts for live action and animation, and producing content from idea through delivery. (I'm the artist formerly known as Alyssa Lofgren Curran (divorce... it's a thing!). I'm now on the in-house creative team at Babylist, writing, producing and editing for The Push Branded Content Studio. I truly love the work I do, and "geek out" often that my words get to help people navigate their growing families.


 In 2013, I earned a master's degree in Mass Media Communication from California State University, Northridge on the impact of social media within student media. You can check that out at my social media website, SocialSyllabi. I also participate in panels and guest lectures about writing, producing and content creation within industry conferences and the California State University system.

Live tweeting and moderating a Twitter Party at a conferece
alyssa curran presenting at P2P forum

I currently reside in sunny Los Angeles, where you'll find me hanging out with my two daughters or trying to teach my cat to walk on a leash. Just kidding about that last one. (Kind of.) Please send me an e-mail, tweet, or text to discuss opportunities. I'd love to learn more!


  • Screenwriting, either narrative live action or animation

  • Story development and script coordination

  • Producing and YouTube channel strategy

  • Web content creation and copywriting

  • Product and brand naming

  • Branded content ideation

  • Proofreading and copyediting

  • Marketing communications 

  • Digital Marketing and Advertising Strategy and Optimization 

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