Augie - Product Name

STEM Toy company Pai Technology needed a friendly yet relevant name for their Augmented Reality Robot. Meet Augie -- the only kids' coding robot that works through Augmented Reality.

Daniel Tiger Toys

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and it was a beautiful copywriting project to write packaging and brand copy for a variety of Daniel Tiger toys.

Trivia Writing

Let's face it - we all know the latest gossip about celebrities. But is it FACT or CRAP? This card game includes over 1,000 unbelievable tidbits about Hollywood's shining stars, from romance to rehab.

Brand Naming

MGA Entertainment produces world-renowned toys and dolls for children of all ages. A whimsical rag doll line needed a new name after a naming conflict. The name Lalaloopsy™ was inspired by the fun vowels and sounds in "Lala" and "ooh". Moxie Girlz™ was the perfect name for this aspirational doll line, encouraging girls to use their moxie (spirit, pep and intelligence) to follow their dreams.

Pai Technology Content & Branding

Pai Technology was in need of a brand positioning statement and company mission that showed parents that they weren't just toy makers, but STEM toy enthusiasts with a true passion. The content and copy of this site is straight forward yet informative and playful for parents.

Digital Content for Hit T.V. Show

Part of the allure of social media is finding ways to take viewers beyond the norm. Concepting and creating clever graphics helps a social media message spread, thus evolving the exposure of the brand, product or property.

Social Media Strategy for the 3-Day

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day is a 60-mile walk for people who want to do something huge in the fight against breast cancer. I'm honored to be managing their social media strategy.

Double Chin Diary

The Double Chin Diary is a humor weight loss blog, founded by Alyssa in 2011. The Double Chin Diary has a dedicated readership and works with many premium brands. In 2013, Alyssa's sister April was invited to join as a writer. The duo is focused on losing weight without losing their sense of humor. Check us out at!

Lenny & Larry's Social Media

The creator of the popular Muscle Brownie was seeking a unified social media strategy to promote and publicize their whole line of nutritious products. With wacky yet enticing digital content, this brand is on its way to becoming a household name.

Dance Moms Facebook Post

Dance Moms has a very active following and Facebook posts must be interactive and engaging. This post encourages readers to play along on Facebook by naming a song with the word "Dance" in it. At publishing, this post garned over 1,200 comments, over 5,000 "likes" and 51 shares.

Social Syllabi

SocialSyllabi is a PDF handbook of social media strategies for student media, specifically college newspapers. SocialSyllabi aims to make using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube an enjoyable and simple experience to help raise awareness about student media and the work student journalists are producing.

Diet to Go Blog

I'm a regular contributor and guest author to the Diet to Go blog. Check them out at

Army Wives Live Tweeting

The hit Lifetime television TV show "Army Wives" uses live-tweeting during the show to drum up engagement, spread messaging through the cast, and encourage people to view the show. I specialize in an upbeat live-tweeting personality that brings attention to all aspects of a TV show while truly focusing on user engagement to encourage repeat participation.

Dance Moms Facebook Posts

Lifetime TV Network is looking for creative and fun ways to introduce their television merchandise to their fans. This Facebook post is silly but places their product in the spotlight.

Banner Advertising, Toy Brands

MGA Entertainment's various toy brands all required whimsical yet informational copy for their in-site online advertising.The playful wording and clear call to action is appropriate for all ages.

PassFail Social Media Copy

The social finance website PassFail seeks engaging and interactive content for their Facebook page. By creating an image and enticing copy encouraging people to vote, their social media presence is magified, thus encouraging visitors to spend time at the website and absorb the brand. E-Mail Blast, the official website for the popular Bratz® dolls, needed an exciting relaunch e-mail newsletter. This e-mail highlights the new look and feel of the site and the new elements to draw in visitors.

Social Branding

Custom flavor manufacturer, Flavor Producers™ was seeking a simple yet inviting Facebook "like" page to encourage fans to become a member of their page. Simple yet informational copy keeps the focus on the yummy cupcake imagery and the core essence of the business.

3D Laser Racer Game Instructions

Instruction Manuals should be easy to read, easy to understand - and fun! The 3D Laser Racer manual presented a unique challenge in that it had to be simple, concise and contain legal information and warnings about all of the various technological components. This instruction manual contains all the information players needs to conquer the game - and to race through space at a laser-speed pace!

Moxie Girlz™ My Moxie Quiz Game

This game, for females ages 7 - 12, was meant to teach young girls the importance of kindness, intelligence and friendship. I wrote over 150 cards that all inspire girls to make wise choices about real-life situations and dilemmas. This is the first of many trivia-based games I have written.

Top Performing Social Post

Bratz® dolls had a large and eager fan base on Facebook, but finding ways to engage the fans (most of them under 13 years of age) could be challenging. By creating a character-based post that encouraged fans to play along with a comment-based game, engagement and interaction sky rocketed.

Bratz® Trends Blog

The popular doll brand Bratz® launched a weekly fashion blog in coordination with its newly designed website. I wrote several fashion oriented blogs, including this one about nail polish trends. You can view it live here: .

PassFail IPO Center Hero Banner, a leading social finance website, needed a hero banner that explained their new IPO center. In addition to an easily understood overview, they needed an example fact at the bottom of the image.

Little Tikes® Sea Turtle Campaign

The durable Little Tikes® toddler toy brand launched a 50th anniversary sea turtle rescue campaign. Little Tikes® needed copywriting and branding for a Facebook-based hub which included a fundraising call to action, unique games and a merchandise promotional spot. Guest Blog's health and dieting blog featured my guest post about "falling off the wagon" due to delicious home made chocolate chip cookies. You can read the original post here:

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